Corrugated Sheets Ltd is committed to the production of Galvanized Iron Sheets, Colourcoated Sheets, Construction Steel, Wire Products, Steel Pipes, Steel Sections and Bituminous products with the lowest possible environmental impacts.

Corrugated Sheets Ltd will operate in an environmentally responsible manner and comply with all applicable legal and other requirements governing the conduct of its operations.
Environmentally friendly approach to its operations is aimed at pollution prevention and conservation of resources.

Minimization of environmental impacts will be achieved through continual improvement programmes and monitoring procedures to identify problem areas and tackle them.

Corrugated Sheets Ltd will involve interested parties i.e. Regulatory Authorities, Contractors, Suppliers, Employees, Customers, Local Communities and the General Public in achieving its Environmental Objectives and Targets and review them consistently.

Communication to individual employees on the nature of environmental roles and responsibilities and provision of necessary training and financial support for the effective environmental performance will be our priority.