The durability and lifespan of modern coated steel can be extended even further by hot dipping the coated steel in an aluminium, zinc and silicon alloy.

Nyumba Almasi, is produced by a unique and efficient process whereby cold rolled steel is continuously hot dipped into an alloy of 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon.

This coating protects the steel in two ways:

  • The aluminum component of the coating provides a tough physical barrier between extreme atmospheric conditions and the inner core of steel.
  • The Zinc in the coating provides sacrificial protection and also acts as a tough physical barrier between the extreme atmospheric conditions and inner core of steel
  • The zinc in the coating provides sacrificial protection which also protects the steel at the cut edges.
  • A thin organic coating (TOC) is applied to Nyumba Almasi, a process that offers wide range of benefits like anti-fingerprints elasticity, weldability and formability. The TOC also contains dry lubricant additives that increase lubricity of the Nyumba Almasi surface and wax or oil is not required during the forming process

Nyumba 11/3 Corrugation Profile

  • Number of Corrugation – Eleven
  • Effective/Covering Width – 752 ± 5 mm
  • Overall Width  – 850 ± 5 mm
  • Standard Lengths – 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 Meters
  • Special Lengths – Any Length on Special Order
  • Thickness – 30 / 28 / 26 / 24 Gauge

Custom colour available on order