We at CSL believe that our strength is our people. Our HR initiatives aim to unlock the full potential of our employees. We recruit and develop a diverse group of talented individuals to lead our company. We believe and work towards empowering the workforce. We strive for performance excellence.

CSL is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on the basis of the caste, sex, color, religion, etc. of an individual. Recruitment is linked closely to competencies.
Expected levels of competencies for every grade of employee have been well defined and all selections are based on his or her competency framework.

We are committed towards developing the full potential of our employees. We build the Team that has good understanding of manufacturing processes, problem solving abilities, working towards customer delight; manage technology with changing business need and create an edge in the market.

We Invite candidates who are:

  • Innovative thinkers who will contribute to our international growth.
  • Self motivated with a positive attitude
  • Think from a global perspective
  • Meet the challenges of an innovative, high-tech industry


There are no open positions currently.